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Everybody’s Screaming

Everybody’s screaming for equal rights.
How do you treat your brother and sister
no matter what color?


July 2014 K Poems

July 2013 K Poems


“It’s better to lose some of the battles in the struggle for your dreams than to be defeated without ever even knowing what you’re fighting for.”–Paulo Coelho



“Mikel–We have come a loooonng way since that meeting at Kinkos were I said “Your work reminds me of Bukowski”!

–Thomas Dodd, artistic photographer


“You’re one of the least sociopathic people I know, Mikel…”

–Bill Brown, author and singer-songwriter



“Let’s see – submit poetry to a new journal that charges a reading fee, suggests a purchase of a subscription and to read a few back issues before submitting, but offers no monetary payment or contributor copies upon publication… No thanks!”

— Marie Lecrivain



“It takes as much stress to be a success as it does to be a failure.”

–Emilio James Trujillo






Fitting In


Sometimes, we are not

as big a part of some things

as we thought we were

but, at least, we were part of them.







No one has shed a tear


War’s not begun

so why let it?

Nobody’s dead.

Nobody’s bleeding.                                                                                                                                                                 





What I’d like to say to America


I believe in you

despite yourself

despite ourselves

I believe in you.




Pretty voices are waiting for you.


Will you listen, or continue to

let the angry voices engulf you?





















When I say I love you


When I say, “Love you…” to my bird, one of my dogs

always comes up and sticks its nose in my hand. I think

that it is beautiful the way the dogs pick up the sentiment

in my voice and how they want to be part of this.





Her neighbor banged on her door

at 4 am telling her how much he loved her.

I told her that his love should be

unrequited by dialing 911.

She said he said that he has been thinking about her.

It’s one thing to think about someone,

another thing to bang on their door

in the middle of the night.

He’s a marine, she said.

“Not a good soldier,” was my reply.








How little I know


She came to me from the bathroom

tinkling she calls it not taking a piss

her fingers were moist as I kissed her

wet lips. “Is it pee on your fingers?” I asked

and she giggled, “No, I just washed

my hands.” I didn’t know that women

touched their dicks when they peed, “ I said.

“No silly,” she said, “We wipe ourselves

with toilet paper when we are done…”



What did I do to deserve this?


I just took a walk, in a light rain,

with my dogs.

My love is fixing us breakfast.

We have air conditioning when

it is hot; heat when it is cold.

I have new shoes.

I have a good attitude.




I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church. For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit.–Khalil Gibran





You can talk to God anywhere


I often pray standing

in the driveway under

the morning moon and stars

not in a church, a temple,

or a mosque.






Nearly biblical proportions


It feels like it is trying to rain

for 40 days and 40 nights,

though it has been, only, about

a week.



Super Glue will not help


By keeping my best pair of sun glasses

in my pocket I broke them. They are like

Humpty Dumpty.








More than enough


It’s actually not enough

the first pinch of dried shrimp

that I gave the turtles; like some love

I think, glad that I have love

that is more than enough.



“Everything in life has its price.”–The Alchemist





Do you find yourself ever acting silly in life?


I realize that, at times, in the past I have put expectations onto people, and when they didn’t deliver on these expectations, I got mad at them. This seems really stupid, and I hope to never repeat this mistake, though I realize that I am not perfect. Most times, people would not even know that I had put expectations on them, which makes the whole thing even more ludicrous. I don’t want to be silly. I want to be sane. I want to be happy, not mad.






Love, love, love…all the time


It is wonderful to have love.

It is wonderful to give love.




Saving you from worse


Through the sand you may go

and find no shells. It was the

jellyfish who stung you who held

the lesson that you had come to learn.







The circle is full


Boxers fight, turtles

roam the earth

searching for love.

This does not mean

that boxers don’t love

or that turtles don’t fight.





Looking into the light

he saw darkness. Through

the dark he found his path

to the light.







Coming into fall


I am in my fifty sixth summer

and life is not a bummer.



Down the cobbled road


He could have been a dancer

with the answer, but he smoked

one cigar and it gave him cancer.








I am nothing without coffee


I drink coffee

like some people snort coke.

I drink coffee

like some people shoot heroin.

I drink coffee

like some people gamble.

I drink coffee

like some people go to AA meetings.

I drink coffee

like some people horde money.

When I am out of coffee

you can find me trembling

in the corner; stevia and half

and half, alone, just don’t cut it.






I am a blurb on the face of it all

minor in consequence yet mostly

I am all I feel. I can not be an orange.

I cannot be an apple. I can only be me.







I’m going to Sapelo


I’m going to take the ferry

to Sapelo. What I’m going

to see there I don’t know.

Ain’t no water. Ain’t no electricity

at our campsite on Sapelo.

I can’t plug in my C Pap machine.

We won’t have hot coffee in the morning.

We might be missing out on certain things,

but I’m looking forward to going to Sapelo.













Reflection at this particular moment in time


Sometimes, I do things that are good for me.

Sometimes, I do things that have absolutely

no effect on me.

Sometimes, in the past, I did things bad for me.





It’s raining inside


Flowers will blossom

once again, one day.

I’m tired of seeing rain

in my window.

Try to write a happy poem

when you are down.



Why am I the way I am?


When the pills kick in

I’ll smile again. When

I’ve swallowed my dose

things will not look so bleak.



I’m working in a naked bar

looking only at people in clothes.











Go figure


Where you are is where you are

and where you are not is where

you are not.



Mood Swing


I’m an asshole, a turd, a useless piece of nothing.

I am good. I am love. I am peace. I matter.

I blacked out and don’t know who won the game


I’m in decline in the recliner.

I’ll have another beer to feel better.




Who’s going to fall?


You can’t know it all

because I know it all.



Leaving insanity behind


Because I have burned bridges

I am careful about what bridges I cross.















In the sandwich


Sandwiched between then and look forward

is now where you are supposed to be putting

the mayonnaise on your sandwich.





And the days are all the same


On good days, I have what I need.

On bad days I have nothing that I want.




Opportunity knocked me down


I saw an open door.

I went out of my mind.







I’m going to walk the dogs.

I don’t think I’ll walk the dogs.

I’ll do the dishes.

I don’t think I’ll do the dishes.

I’m going to take a shower.

I don’t think I’ll take a shower.

I want something to eat.

I don’t want to eat anything.

I’m going to take a nap.

I’m not going to take a nap.








White trash cat


I have a trashcan that is not a trashcan;

it is a receptacle for the newspaper that

I use to line my bird’s cage. Today, I found

one of my cats in the trash can that is not

a trash can. I’m not sure what to make of this.



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